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Only $199.00

We offer a Basic Comprehensive Social Media program that includes:
  1. Opening all major Social Media accounts for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google +
  2. Weekly professional posting to all social medial accounts promoting your business.
  3. Weekly updating of all the accounts.
  4. 4 professionally written blogs on your business per month posted to major blog accounts.
  5. 1000 Blog comments posted on blogs related to your business each month
  6. Build substantial links back to your site from powerful high Page Rank sites each month.
  7. Professionally write and post a press release on important sites. Get a link to the press release published in news sites throughout the county.
  8. Stimulate positive reviews for your business.
  9. We provide a monthly statement with the blogs, press release and all links to all publications.

Get your business recognized in today market

The basic social media package is just $199 per month. To start Click here

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